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Meyer Lemon Cupcakes


Since the weather has been rather dreary, I have taken to the kitchen. There is something magical about cooking up a storm, all the while watching a storm dump inches of snow outside the kitchen window. I felt like cooking something fun. And what is more fun than some lovely cupcakes? Cookies are so typical, but cupcakes, how can you eat one without a smile??

I must have tried to channel warmer days when I decided on a lemon cupcake.. These little cakes had a slow summer evening written all over them.. Ah, only a few more months! Meyer lemons took center stage, their sweet-tart taste and lovely color accented the tops of these beauties.

I cannot share the recipe because I loosely based it upon a recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, but I will tell you that I used Meyer lemons(duh!) and instead of a butter cream frosting, I made a cream cheese frosting, adding lemon zest, a bit of lemon extract, and tons of powdered sugar!

Healthy, these are not, but they are so small and cute, I am thinking you’d do better to have a cupcake than a giant slice of cake. At least with a cupcake you feel satisfied with just one! And for just a taster, I made cute mini cupcakes. I topped them all with slices of Meyer lemon, rind and all, and when you bite into the cupcake be sure to include the fresh lemon slice, it is amazing! ¬†Enjoy!

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