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Apples, part deux


Hello again!

I am back with a few more apples, and then I shall move on to something else for vegan MoFo! The other night, I was craving something warm and satisfying for dessert. There was nothing in the house, but a chocolate bar, and some soy ice cream. Neither seemed to fit the bill, so I went into the kitchen and looked around for something to make. I had oats (as always), flour, maple syrup, cane sugar, berries, and apples. Sounded like something warm and satisfying was right around the corner.

Enter: Fall Crisp

Fall Crisp

This was an impromptu dessert, but super yummy, had I not forgotten to half the canola oil… I loosely based the crisp off The Joy of Vegan Baking, which is one of my most favorite cookbooks, and Compassionate Cooks was really what helped me go, stay, and love being a vegan.. Anyway, SO since it was just me and Nic (my boyfriend), I halved the recipe and made it in a small cast iron skillet. Everything was great, but the topping (which is usually my absolute favorite) was grainy.. too wet.. so I was doing a little thinking.. and a lightbulb went off.. I halved everything, BUT the oil. MoFO! It still tasted yummy.. but honestly when does fat not taste yummy?  So I won’t share the recipe here, but I omitted the nuts, added coconut to the top, and doubled the oil. That last part though, I would probably skip that gem of wisdom. Let’s see…

Mixing in the cast iron

I didn’t really follow the filling recipe, just threw together some frozen berries, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, lemon juice, and mixed it all up in its own serving dish (I told you it was impromptu.. I didn’t want dishes either!!) So mix, mix, mix…


I had the toaster oven set to 350*, threw it in for about 40 minutes and out came satisfaction in a skillet… I am so glad it is cold outside, gives me a reason to turn on the (toaster) oven!!! Happy Baking!


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I LOVE apples!



Happy Monday!  I can’t believe it is already Monday. It seems like the weekend just flies by! My weekend was full of homework, work work, and hanging pictures (finally!). The weekend was also full of APPLES! I love Fall. We finally got a chill in the air here in Reno. Snow fell and all was right with the world! In mid-August, I start to really crave the coziness of Fall and Winter. I love bundling up with tea and a good book or movie. Seriously, nothing beats it!

For me, Fall is a time for apples! I absolutely adore the fruits of summer, but I eagerly await the apples that come this time of year. Cinnamon is one of my most favorite spices, and nothing goes better with cinnamon than a nice warm apple. This weekend, I made two dishes that focused on organic honey crisp apples.


Personally, I think that apples are amazing anytime. They are full of filling fiber and vitamins. The pectin, a soluble fiber, has been shown to even lower cholesterol! With only about 80 calories in one medium apple, it’s the perfect portable snack. And I haven’t even mentioned their sweet taste, satisfying crunch, and flavor variety. I use apples in everything. From warmed apples atop oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast, a great afternoon snack on the go, sliced on a spinach salad, or baked into desserts. Apples are so versatile; applesauce instead of oil in baking, apple cider, apple pie… I feel like I am starting to sound like Bubba (a la Forest Gump). Anyway, I digress. I had a big bag of honey crisps from TJ’s and wanted to use them up! Breakfast this weekend consisted of pancakes with mounds of warm cinnamon apples.

Apple Pancakes

Sauteed apples

1 honey crisp apple (although any baking apple would do well here)

1 TBSP Real Maple Syrup

Cinnamon, to taste.

Nutmeg, to taste.

A dash of Salt

Heat saute pan, you can add some oil or earth balance, I like mine without. Add chopped apples to hot pan and quick saute for 2 minutes with salt, or until apples start to turn slightly brown. Remove from heat. Add maple syrup and spices; toss to coat. Place back on the heat for a few more minutes to soften apples and warm syrup. Serve.

I like to put my sauteed apples on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, or just eat them plain. I also like doing an apple saute with a more savory items. On a salad, with cranberries and pepper or a lemon vinaigrette.

Tune in tomorrow to see a delicious and quick apple and berry crisp!

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